03 September 2010 2:55:00 AM

Currently i am having exam period which is driving me crazy. However, i was relived after the maths paper. Not as hard as i though but still manageable. I really hope a pass will be present in my GPA.

Have been spending my holiday, studying like non stop. Day by day reaching to the end of the exam period and once again i am free. :)
I am hoping to get a job and start earning some extra money for myself because i need to buy more stuff for myself. I really cant wait to buy Iphone 4 but i don't think i can save as fast as last year , like what i did for my Taiwan trip.
Really despo for a job, if you have any lo bang please introduce them to me. Thanks in advance.

28 August 2010 2:15:00 PM
i am starting to get lazy

3 Days ago, i went to my friend house to study over night. I have to admit that i only recall more than learning. I really cannot start with exam papers when i don't even know my topics well. After they start playing games, I decided to go study more than usual then we slept around 8am.

The next day, they went to my house and stayed over night. It was rather crowded in my room but i like the feeling of warming. We went to eat and study till 9pm. Then they started gaming. I wanted to continue but my mind tell me to rest. So i gave up and start chatting, soon all went to sleep around 6am.

The third day, we woke up around 1pm and the 2 girls already outside the door. So i went to open the door with a tired look and my hair is kinda messy but nothing worst than Gab's hair. Haha
We decided to clear up and prepare ourselves for the new day but Ying Hui came around 3-4pm so we waited and start studying as usual. They all went home in the end. Leaving me in my house alone. Sounds sad. Lol but i was already playing some games.

After a few days of non stop studying, i start to become more lazier than before. My mind keep telling me to study but my body want to rest. So during this 2 days i already slept for 1 and a 1/2 day. I think it's seriously wasting time but i enjoy sleeping after all. It provides me with energy to continue my studies. I really hope for the next few days this does not happen to me again since it's getting nearer and nearer each day.

Hope that everything will be positive and hope that everyone get high marks for their exam and dont waste the effort that we have done.

Well i got to go off soon. Study mood is on...